Destination wedding: a juicy possibility for marriage professionals

The term “destination wedding” means the phenomenon in which more and more spouses decide to come to get married in Italy from abroad. This trend has affected all very professionals of the wedding world and especially those operating in major cities of art in Italy and touristic areas.

The Italian art cities are in fact the preferred destination of foreign spouses who decide to come and marry in our country. This is because our cities offer beautiful scenery, are rich in history and monuments and offer beautiful location in which organize their wedding. Locations such as castles, villas and ancient palaces perfectly restored.

Among the cities that more than others attracts foreign spouses is certainly Venice. The reasons why foreigners love Venice are many. Venice as well as being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, also universally recognized as one of the cities of love,  scenery for many famous love stories in the reality or in the literature. Every corner of Venice smells of magic and romance.

In Venece the couple of different religious faiths can easily find a place of worship for the celebration of their wedding. And ‘it can find churches for the Jewish ritual, the Orthodox ritual in addition to the beautiful town halls for civil marriages.

If for your Venetian wedding you need a wedding photographer in Venice, you can rely on the professional photographer Glauco Comoretto which for years has alongside Italian and foreign couples to make unforgettable memories of the “I do” day.

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