Dive Into the Authenticate Flavors of Umbria Travel

Dive Into the Authenticate Flavors of Umbria Travel

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Whether you take a stroll by the picture-perfect landscapes or stay in one of its fairytale villas, this green heart of Italy is bound to spell magic in your heart and mind. This is how the world portrays Umbria – arguably the most beautiful region of Italy.

Like Tuscany, Umbria is also home to lovely hill top towns and villages, picturesque vineyards, and hills clad in olive trees and pine. But when it comes to an inherent character and style, it is unique, quite different from its famous neighborhood – Tuscany.

While Tuscany is chic and bold, Umbria is meditative and classical, showcasing everlastingness and serene weather beautifully. Geographically, Umbria is almost half the size of Tuscany, still it boasts of a national acclamation – the green heart of Italy.

In reality, the region’s green scenery is a result of ample supply of water – Lake Trasimeno is situated at its west and the Tiber river pass through the beautiful valleys and ravines of this charming region in central Italy.

Being the green center of Italy, Umbria is home to many picturesque parks. The lovely Mount Subasio and Mount Cucco parks are must-see sites. For history buffs, the region offers fascinating traces of its incredible past.

Many of Umbrian towns feature a compelling galore of ancient ruins that dates back to Roman and Etruscan era. And thus, where Tuscany amazes with its stupendous renaissance artifacts, Umbria unfolds ethereal gems.

The Umbrian Soul

The little lovely town of Umbria, Assisi is unquestionably the crown jewel of the region, from artistic, spiritual or emotional point of view. This is a place where Francis, who devoted his life to simplicity and poverty, was born in 1182. During his lifespan, Francesco, or Francis, built a new monastic order and won the title of St. Francis.

While in Assisi, pay a visit to the monastic church complex that gives commemoration to this Nobel saint and his Nobel deeds. The complex is quite big and impressive. It was embellished by some of the best artists of 13th and 14th century.

The church has two basilicas – the lower and a bit darker church which is decorated with wonderful frescos by artist Simone Martini and the striking master Giotto; and the upper church presenting the work of Cimabue and featuring great fresco cycle attributed to Giotto.

Once you come out of the church, there are many other holiday delights waiting for you in Assisi. the Roman Temple of Minerva in the church of Santa Maria, and the Rocca Maggiore offering breathtaking views of the town and its stunning countryside.

Find a place of your own

If you want to port in the great diversity of Umbria, you must spend at least a week at this charismatic destination of Italy. You will also find many majestic old stone villas and charming country houses available on rent in Umbria. You can choose an accommodation alternative that best fits your needs and budget.

Remember, Umbria is a famous summer holiday gateway for Italians as well. And thus summer holiday rentals are sold out too fast. If you are planning to visit Umbria this summer season, make sure you book Umbria apartment or a holiday home of your choice at least a month before.

For more info: Dive Into the Authenticate Flavors of Umbria Travel

Welcome to the Italy Villas Travel Blog

Dive Into the Authenticate Flavors of Umbria Travel

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