According to U.S. standards Italy is not a large country … however Italy hides excellence and wonders in every corner, and every corner of Italy is tremendously different from another.

Often you can find the differences, considerable differences, within the same region or even within the same province.

So it is very difficult to talk about a flight to Italy where flight is not the word we want to give the exact meaning but a broader sense: Flight to Italy intended as a trip to Italy.


But just because Italy is so different on the inside, because Italy hides a lot of thing to know, because a trip to Italy can not condense on a journey of 9 nights and 7 days, we will discuss each individual pearl d ‘Italy, from every single corner without long, articles, reports distorting exhausting trips but simply talking about the places, people, language, of the excellence of this … of this BEL PAESE … really deserved a nickname.


We’ll talk about landmarks and places unknown to most, we will discuss the thermal baths and the habits and customs.

Maybe we will talk about stories every day just because we want everyone to have the pleasure of wishing and planning a flight to Italy, to get to know and appreciate not only the most popular but also and especially for the people who live in Italy in more authentic, real, and often less known.

Torre Sant'Andrea


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