Go On Real Chianti Holidays in 2014

Go On Real Chianti Holidays in 2014

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Chianti – this tiny geographical region of Italian peninsula has become much popular for its picturesque landscapes and its world-class locally produced wines. The region is home to many small towns including Castellina, Gaiole, Radda and Greve in Chianti.

Travelers can head down straight to these down and sample the finest quality of wine produced here. Greve in Chianti embraces several typical Tuscan villages such as Panzano and Montefioralle which are worth exploring for their natural beauty and historical legacy.

Life in this magnificent Tuscany region is still driven by the rhythms of the nature and the land; so you will see locals busy in harvesting, tasting, festivals, fairs and much more. Doing some homework before you go on your holidays in Chianti keeping in mind the important local events may create a huge difference and make your trip an unforgettable one.

Here are top 3 ways to sample the most authentic flavors of Chianti holidays.

Get around the region the unconventional yet more pleasant way

Thanks to its expansive panorama of magnificent views and vistas, Chianti claims to be a unique landmass on earth. Soaking up its beautiful atmosphere, made of olive trees and wineries, at your own pace is a great experience than taking a quick glance of the region from the window of your rental car.

The best way to experience the touristy delights of the region is cycling; leave the rental car aside for a while and buy a bicycle rental. And if you are not afraid of walking like most of us, you may also enjoy the pleasure of hiking and trekking.

Adventure travelers may explore the region on a horse-back. Riding a horse is certainly a cool way of swimming in the lap of Mother Nature; just keep your cell phone or any other gizmo at hotel room and listen to the local sounds.

Some travel agencies also offer air balloon excursions to visitors of Chianti. It’s undoubtedly a unique way to see the incredible beauty of nature. So, what is your way of traveling around the destination?

Go on an exclusive wine-tasting tour

The unrivaled nature’s beauty and charm of the Chianti hills have been uttered by many. The glory and appeal of the landscapes and villages of the region, along with their majestic corners and little alleys, and not to miss its holy cathedrals, have won the heart of everyone who visits them for many centuries.

But amongst all these incredible tourist attractions, this breathtaking region offers, vineyards and wine tasting tours stand out from the rest and have become world-famous now.

It is rare to find wines in the world that can claim the same level of popularity. As said by a legendary poet once in his book, “Chianti itself is a wine for the great lords and countrymen; a wine to sample at the sunset when the light touches the long stretch of vineyards and pass through the twisted branches of the olive trees”.

Living in a farmhouse

If you want to experience most authentic Chianti holidays, book Chianti farmhouse or a villa rental amidst or close to the rolling vineyards of the region. Chianti farmhouse rentals are a perfect way to stay and travel like a local while in Chianti.

For more info: Go On Real Chianti Holidays in 2014

Welcome to the Italy Villas Travel Blog

Go On Real Chianti Holidays in 2014

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