Rooms in Tulum?

Tulum is located off the coast of Mexico, on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. It is a fantastic tourist area with many visitors from all around the globe.
Tulum has an extraordinary archaeological site which has been very well preserved. There are daily tour buses available to take tourists to visit the popular area. The Tulum Ruins are the third most visited archaeological site in Mexico due to its breathtaking view, overlooking the Caribbean Sea.


One of Mexico’s largest parks is held in this town, Tulum, and is known as “Sian Ka’an.”
This reserve holds over one million acres of coastal jungle which is home to many tropical species, such as

  • jaguars,
  • dolphins,
  • sea turtles
  • and birds.

The Punta Allen Village is near Sian Ka’an and is known as a famous fishing village.
There are many hotels and accommodation facilities available and holds some of the best rooms in Tulum. The accommodation types range from simple campsites to luxury resort hotels with private pools.
There are also four distinct eco parks; Xplor, Xel Ha, Xenotes and Xcaret.
Xplor is known for zip lining, for adventurous individuals whilst enjoying the incredible scenery.Xel Ha allows tourists to go snorkelling through underwater caves; here tourists are given the opportunity to explore Tulum’s natural habitat.
Xenotes holds activities such as hikes around cliffs, which is an amazing experience, especially during the sunrise.
Finally Xcaret allows tourists to experience the great Mexican culture along with many other activities mentioned.

As Tulum is on the edge of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, there are many natural freshwater pools which can be used for outdoor swimming activities. These can be found at the Yucatán Peninsula which is a famous attraction of the Mayan Riviera. It is a relaxing area that can be enjoyed under the hot sun.

Organised tours are available to take tourists to famous cliff stone ruins where events such as swimming through Cenotes can occur, along with zip lining. This is found just outside Playa del Carmen. Many other tours are available to discover other aspects of Tulums natural beauty. Tulum is an ancient city with never ending historical sites that should be visited.
Tulum is perfect for adventurous, outgoing individuals but also those who need a relaxing break from the big cities. Thanks to the many hotels and resorts, you can spend an unforgettable holiday!

Visiting Tulum would be a once in a lifetime experience and the opportunity to go should not be passed on.

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