San Gimignano – The Unspoiled Rustic Charm of Tuscany

San Gimignano – The Unspoiled Rustic Charm of Tuscany

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Visit San Gimignano this Holiday Season

If you have just been to Tuscany and haven’t been to the town of San Gimignano, then I suggest you to return back and visit this enchanting city of towers!

Honored as a world heritage site by UNESCO and acknowledged as the city of towers by in 2010, San Gimignano thrives on a breathtaking skyline; and perhaps this is the reason it has been nicknamed as the medieval Manhattan by many.

Let’s Dive into Some Historical Pieces!

San Gimignano has a great wealth of historical ruins. It had been ruled by many different empires and noble families since its origin. The history of this marvelously beautiful Tuscan town dates back to Etruscan era; in fact, it was a major stop of pilgrims who used to travel to Rome and Vatican City for commerce.


The noble families living in the town created around 72 sky-high towers to show off their great wealth and power to their enemies. However, only 14 towers could survive up to the current age.

Major Tourist Attractions of the Town

Though not as famous as its neighbor sister Sienna and Florence, San Gimignano boasts of all holiday delights that makes it a pleasant trip for you. Wine museum in the town is a major reason why many travelers come here again and again.

Don’t forget to climb to the top of the outer city walls; the views from there will make you fall head over heels and you will certainly find the best of Tuscany here. No tour to San Gimignano is complete without trying its Aperitivo wine and great food.

A glass of wine, Tuscan special meats & cheeses and company of your beloved ones on the sunset hour – isn’t damn exciting?

Holiday Retreat for Active Travelers

Well, a visit to this pretty Tuscan town isn’t all about sightseeing, eating and drinking. There are many excursions for active travelers too. For example, you can rent a car and explore its fascinating and gorgeous countryside at your leisurely pace.

Like many tourists, if you are not afraid of walking, it is a great idea to visit the vineyards and sun-drenched olives on foot. You may also go on hiking the picturesque cypress-studded hills.


However, my favorite excursion was a cycling tour. There are many guided cycling tours available here. The outstanding scenery, unspoiled landscapes and warm weather make the town a perfect place for biking lovers.

Where to Stay?

Folks, don’t get misguided with the historical appeal of the towers, villas and homes while taking a glance of the town. Like any other famous Italian travel destination, it features an extensive selection of accommodation facilities ranging from hotels, guest houses, villas, historical houses and holiday homes to Farmhouses.

San Gimignano farmhouse to rent is a unique alternative of typical holiday accommodation. Most of the farmhouse accommodation rentals here feature all the modern facilities and amenities to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

So, when are you traveling to San Gimignano? Book San Gimignano farmhouse rental online today!

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Welcome to the Italy Villas Travel Blog

San Gimignano – The Unspoiled Rustic Charm of Tuscany

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