Traveling to Sicily in winter? 10 Things You Must Know Before You Go

Traveling to Sicily in winter? 10 Things You Must Know Before You Go

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Sicily is incredibly beautiful and wild full of exciting and unexpected holiday delights. On cold days, the number of tourists visiting the island becomes smaller. However, exploring the island on cold winter days is a once in a lifetime experience for many.

If you want to avoid the tourist heard and soak up the winter beauty of this island, which is home to the magnificent ruins of Romans, Greeks, Normans and Arabs, head down to this Tuscan place this January or February.

However, there are certain things you should know before you visit Sicily in winter. Wondering what are they? If yes, read on.

Advance planning is essential

Unlike the summer trips, a winter trip to Sicily first needs the awareness of the opening days and hours. The major cities including Messina, Palermo and Syracuse remain open for business throughout the year, but you will reveal 3 week shut down and extensive weekend off for some sites.

Some hotels and restaurants in Taormina remain closed for a few days after Epiphany, 6th January 2014. However, if you are thinking of buying a Sicily farmhouse rental then you need not to bother about the closing of these hotels or restaurants.

Take the surprises easily

Often the historical castles, churches and other places across Sicily are put into the restoration and such projects may last for several months, a year or more. Winter is a preferred season for such repairs, so make sure you check out the details of all tourist sites you want to visit in advance; to do so, you can visit the official websites or some informative blog sites. Or else always have a plan B ready!

Siesta Goes Year Round

For those not aware, siesta is a term used for a short nap taken in the early afternoon, mostly after the lunch time. In Sicily, most of the businesses stop work between 1:30 and 4 every afternoon. And this isn’t restricted to hot summer days only, but it goes all year round. to make the most of this time, you can take a late lunch and visit a tourist destination located outside the city.

It’s good idea to have a GPS!

Though Sicily isn’t a good place for self-driving, if you are going to buy a car rental upon arrival, make sure you rent a GPS as well. You can also carry some maps of the region you are planning to visit with your rented car.

Always wear the winter clothes

Climate in Sicily may change any time. So, it is strongly recommended that visitors should wear coats, sweaters and other winter accessories to protect themselves from harsh cold. It’s never a freezing cold though; you may find cool wind all the time. You should also carry a pair of good walking shoes or winter shoes while heading down to Sicily.

Learn some local phrases

Certainly most of the hotels and restaurants you will see on the island have English speaking staff, but the menus might be in Italian language. Having a phrase book will not just help you place the right order, but also give you chance to mingle with the locals and explore their lifestyle.

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Welcome to the Italy Villas Travel Blog

Traveling to Sicily in winter? 10 Things You Must Know Before You Go

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