Visit Montespertoli This Summer Holidays 2014

Visit Montespertoli This Summer Holidays 2014

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Montespertoli – A Perfect Base to Explore All of the Tuscany!

Perched atop a cultivated hilltop in the picturesque Chianti region of Tuscany, Montespertoli has been just 20km from Tuscan capital Florence and 30km from the town of San Gimignano. On two sides, the town is bordered by valleys – one heads down to the Pesa River and another heads down to the Elsa River.

Montespertoli boasts of some of the most breathtaking countryside scenes in Tuscany. The gentle rolling green hills clad in wineries and olive groves are bound to make you fall head over heels. The unpaved roads lined up with cypress tree have a unique charm of it.

The town is situated alongside the Via Volterrana, which meets the Via Francigena near Certaldo. Thanks to its prime geographical position on the map, it was well connected to all major cities and towns of Tuscany region. However, it shared the largest part of its development with Florence over the course of time.

Find your dream holiday home in Montespertoli

Noble families from Florence explored Montespertoli as their weekend gateway and developed many beautiful castles and villas best reflecting their wealth and power in the society.

The villas of Guicciardini, Frescobaldi, Acciaioli, Ruccelai, Strozzi, Barbadori are a few of the striking country estates that characterizes the landscape encircling Montespertoli. The Castello di Sonnino found at the entrance of the town is owned by the Machiavelli family for many years. And the castle of Montegufoni can be cherished alongside the Volterrana road as you move towards the town from Florence.

Many of the historical villas and country houses in Montespertoli are available on rent these days. You can easily book your Montespertoli villa rental online well before you arrive in the town.

A Mecca for Wine Lovers

Montespertoli is a major producer of wine and olive oil in Tuscany. Every year in the last week of May, the town celebrated a week long wine festival called the ‘Mostra del Chianti’. The town is also much renowned for its truffles, hand crafting of glass and terracotta.

The wine festival is devoted to the exhibition of Chianti wines. It provides its visitors with a great opportunity to dive into a great variety of wines, food and other locally produced items. And in the evening, the visitors are treated with musical performances.

Some other major events of Montespertoli include:

Sagra del Cinghiale is a food festival which is mainly devoted to the wild boar seen everywhere in Tuscany. It is celebrated in June every year.

In Early July, the town seems to host a classical music concert.

In August, the town sees Calici di Stelle (wine) and Opera in Piazza.

In November, the locals of the town dedicate a weekend to new wine called “vino novello” and another weekend to the newly harvested olive oil and truffles.

No matter what part of the year you visit Montespertoli, it always portrays itself as a serene sleepy town. But when you spare some time to walk around the town, you’ll find every corner has something to offer!

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Welcome to the Italy Villas Travel Blog

Visit Montespertoli This Summer Holidays 2014

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