Your Wedding in Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Each and every region offers a unique and breathtaking scenery. In addition, the people of Italy are very friendly and welcoming, the wine and food are wonderful and this country is home of some of the greatest works of art.

If your are planning your Wedding in Italy you will have all the ingredients to make your big day perfect.

Historic churches and town halls can be used to exchange vows in a civil ceremony or  you could consider an  oper-air symbolic ceremony or religious in one of the most stunning churches in the world.

You have an enormous variety of choices for your location between the most famous cities like Florence, Rome, Milan and the Amalfi Coast where the sea and nature are superb, the Tuscany countryside filled with villas, gardens and amazing landscapes, you also have Venice, an unique romantic city build on water with stunning basilicas and gondolas, or in northern Italy where the mountains are riddle with gorgeous lakes and you can find picturesque villages as Lake of Como, Lake of Garda or Lake Maggiore. Everything is magic in this country.

The climate of Italy varies considerably from north to south, but during spring and summer is temperate everywhere and most of the time sunny. At the coast and in the valleys the summer are hotter than in the hilly areas, where the climate is continental. The main season is spring, summer and autumn, especially because the landscape at that time of the year is very beautiful.

Wedding receptions can be held in small family-run restaurants of elegant hotels. Whether you are planning a small intimate dinner or a large receptions you will find the best food and wine ever. Italian cuisine is famous for its quality, freshness and simplicity.

Whatever your choice will be, our role as italian wedding videographer is to capture all this beauty along with your story in a Wedding Film.

Having a wedding film to document your big day is important because it will capture not only the most important details but also moments that you may not have seen, all the actions, sounds and true emotions of your wedding to relive the day you became husband and wife and let the memory live again every time you’ll watch it.

So, we believe that being destination wedding videographers in Italy it’s one of the most beautiful jobs in the world! And we’ll continue doing it with passion and enthusiasm.

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